Active Projects


Our Active Projects

At PK Singh Construction Designer Pvt. Ltd., We take pride in our commitment to excellence in construction design. Currently, our team is diligently working on several active projects that showcase our expertise in creating innovative and sustainable solutions. Each project is a testament to our dedication to delivering high-quality designs that exceed client expectations. Here’s a glimpse into our ongoing endeavors:

Project is:
Luxury Residential Tower

This prestigious project involves the design and construction of a luxurious residential tower in the heart of Lucknow in UP. Our team is focusing on blending modern aesthetics with functional living spaces, ensuring a harmonious balance between elegance and comfort.

Luxury Residential Tower

Completed In 79 Days.

Lucknow UP

"I appreciate having finished it."

"PK Singh Construction Designer Pvt. Ltd."

Corporate Responsibility

At PK Singh Construction, building what matters goes beyond delivering world-class structures: we are committed to fostering meaningful change within our industry and communities.

The projects we build represent pathways to economic growth through contracting and job opportunities. We develop the next generation of our industry’s workforce through recruitment, pre-apprenticeship programs, mentoring, and on-the-job training.

Our Leaders

Our company is driven by creative, energetic, and principled leaders.

Constructing tomorrow. Reviving yesterday. Embrace excellence at home. We’re the talk of the town for your upcoming transformation.

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